Urban Regeneration & Intelligent Culture Forum

21th,  Apr, 2016  / By Logon

Urban regeneration is a hot topic at the moment – it’s a commitment to creating a better working and living environment based on urban culture, wisdom, space.

Co-organized by Vanke and Archina, the Urban Regeneration & Intelligent Culture Forum was held at the Shanghai Vanke Center on April 21st. The forum was a success which brought in eight industry experts from four different countries to discuss urban renewal. Many aspects of topics were discussed, including wisdom, cultural regeneration, spatial transformation, urban renaissance, format integration, smart parking etc.

Forum founder Ms Wang Fang, associate architect and CEO of logon, and Pascal Hartmann, sociologist and Chief Strategy Officer at logon, respectively gave speeches and further discussed “Factory in City” and From Space to Place, telling the story of place making with a case study of Shanghai’s 800 Show. Opening up for new ideas and thoughts they created a platform for lively discussion and vibrant exchange of views.

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017.

Light Inspirations: Nature to City

Nature is using a vast variety of lighting ideas to guide life on this planet. If only we care to observe and learn, we will find simple, yet effective and innovative solutions to enhance the use of public spaces in our cities as well as our places of working and living.

Three Major Trends for Urban Renewal in Shanghai; Suburbanization, Integrated Reconstruction and Long-term Strategy

With a wide range of high quality city renewal projects in Shanghai. This urban phenomenon has boomed in recent years developing a unique industrial history in the city and undoubtedly becoming the benchmark for urban regeneration project development in China.