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10th, Aug,2016 / By Logon

What problem has long been and will continue to be a headache for households across the world?

The answer is fighting over the bathroom in the morning.

Most people start their day by taking a number one or number two and cleaning themselves up in the bathroom, sometimes accompanied by long-lasting making-up and shower. When the bathroom is occupied, we have nothing to do but wait outside, like forever!

What can we do to resolve this worldwide problem?

01 Status Analysis

The client is a three-member household in which the parents are office workers and have a son attending primary school, they tend to face a serious problem at 8 o’clock every morning: fighting over the bathroom.

Dad needs a shower and mom needs to shower, put on makeup, and set aside time to make breakfast. All of them need to use the bathroom at the same time. The time in the morning is so limited that what they really want is to rush through all the stuff without interference to each other.

But the reality?

The bathroom is so stuffed with things like wash basin, toilet, bathtub, and washing machine, with toiletries scattered around, laminating the space to accommodate only one person at a time. During rush hours, it takes three times the time that they would need if they each had their own space.

02 Concept

Space can be big when it refers to the universe; space can also be small when it’s inside a bathroom. Despite the fact that a spaceship looks so small in the universe, the space inside it is used efficiently. A spaceship becomes a bridge between infinite space and the interior space, a symbol of the flexibility and boundless potential of a space.

Three in One

A household bathroom has three main functions: wash-up, shower, and toilet. It can be divided by partitions into these three functional areas.

In a cramped space, the diversity of functions often depends on an elaborately designed circulation. Upon entering the bathroom, one can see the relatively spacious, communal wash-up area.

In a cramped space, the diversity of functions often depends on an elaborately designed circulation. Upon entering the bathroom, one can see the relatively spacious, communal wash-up area.

As the most shared function, the wash-up area should be given the largest space proportion to ensure that the three family members can use simultaneously without feeling crowded.

Besides the wash-up area is the toilet enclosed to ensure privacy.

Across the wash-up area are the bath area partitioned by a glass door into a changing area and the shower cubicle. After entering the bath area, one can take off clothes, shut the door and go inside the cubicle for a shower. At the same time, one can stay in the next area to blow dry hair and put on clean clothes.

Space efficiency:

Each area has a range of storage spaces designed to put away toiletries and other objects.

Space Theme:

The combination of the spaceship concept, new technologies, and elaborate detail helps highlight the theme and make the bathroom more playful.

The space-themed mural and tiles make the bathroom feel like a spaceship wandering in space.

03 Smart Bathroom

The application of the smart home system helps the family members lead a more comfortable, efficient and healthier life.

The wall and floor heating systems are installed to create a cozy bath environment, and dry towels and clothes.

The smart lighting system can produce varied effects in the daytime and at night and make one feel as if sunlight was penetrating the window to areas without natural light.

Meanwhile, a certain lighting mode is turned on automatically once the homeowner approaches.

The smart home sensor is used to keep the living environment stable by responding quickly to changes in temperature and humidity.

A smart toilet is also a must-have because it’s both space-saving and pleasant.

The security sensor sets off alarms the moment it detects a water leak -be it in your own house, or in your upstairs/downstairs neighbor’s house.

The shower cubicle is already prepared to become a steam shower before the homeowner goes into it so that there’s no need to rush through a shower in winter anymore.

In addition, the acoustic system and other sensor and control systems are hidden around the space.Surrounded by these high-tech devices, we tend to feel as if we were inside a spaceship.

This scheme is the brainchild of logon founder Frank Krüger, hailed as the“Godfather of Smart Home”- just one of the numerous examples of his achievements in the exploration and practice of smart home. The Smart Bathroom scheme has been featured in the tenth episode of Big Home Makeover, a Chinese home decor reality TV show.

For more on the latest technologies and practices, please stay tuned to logon’s Smarthome Idea section that is created by Frank Krüger’s rich experiences and insights into the field of smart home and dedicated to showcasing the most cutting-edge smart home theories and application.

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logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017.

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