Return to the essence of Light

30th, Aug, 2017 / By Logon


What kind of nocturnal vision should be dedicated to a city? What kind of scheme should be applied in urban and rural lighting master planning? Is wide-ranged media façade the best lighting method for urban public spaces? Is lighting design truly needed in rural area?…  Along with the development of city and countryside’s geography and morphology, new urban lighting has been applied as an economic stimulant while it also brings along social controversies. The City· Architecture· Light International Lighting Design Forum 2017 provided the opportunities to discover new approaches and strategies for lighting designers, experts and scholars.

Keywords : 

Nocturnal vision / City / Countryside / Scheme /  Low-tech /  Media façade / Art / Technique

Return to the essence of Light

Memorandum of City· Architecture· Light International Lighting Design Forum 2017

From left:Hu Huifeng, Wang Shenghai, Lin Hong, Frank Krueger, Herbert Cybulska, Zhang Ping, Dong Danshen, He Hei,     Wen Junyan, Wang Xiaodong

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