Zibo Culture Center

Composed of 3 individual building units, the Knowledge Center is located in the north of the Culture Forum platform on the west of the New Zibo Culture Centre. The Library includes a bookstore, reading rooms, book archives, media room and administration offices. The main function of the archive center is storage. The floor plans of the buildings are very flexible, which can adapt to future needs. The urban Planning Exhibition Hall is horizontally separated into two main areas; public exhibition spaces on the first and second floor with meeting and independent presentation areas on the third floor.

Client : Zibo cultural center construction leading group office

Location : Zibo, Shandong, China

Type : Culture & Education

Function : Library, Archive, Exhibition

Service : Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status : Completed

Site Area : 61,800 m²

GFA : 46,000 m²

Library : 22,100 m²

Archive : 14,800 m²

Exhibition : 7,000 m²

FAR : 1.92

Library and urban planning museum

Well lit library interior during the day time

Main entrance to the library building

Main entrance to the archive center