Wuhan Optical Valley Industrial Park

The project is located in the East Lake High-Tech Development Zone of Wuhan, an internationally recognized knowledge and innovation center in the field of optoelectronics. The industrial park is designed as a high quality work environment that meets the requirements of a modern workforce in regard of workspace, facilities and landscape. The project is structured in three zones.

The northern zone contains the main entrance plaza and the two landmark towers, which will accommodate office space, an incubator and a hotel. The eastern zone incubator features three R&D buildings, grouped around a sunken plaza with commercial program. The western zone provides headquarters placed in a lush green landscape park. A Y-shaped structure connects all three zones. The structure provides shared functions, like commercial space, an exhibition and a conference area. The walkable green roof integrates seamlessly into the landscape.

Client : Wuhan Donghu District University Technology Park co. ltd.

Location : Wuhan, China

Address :  East Lake High-Tech Development Zone

Type : Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Mixed-Use, Office Parks

Function : Industrial Park, Mall, Hotel

Service :  Urban Design, Architectural Design, Landscape Design

Status : Under Construction

Site Area : 71,500 m²

GFA : 198,350 m²

FAR : 2.77

Chang Cheng Liu road view

HQ office part view

Night time bird view

Semi-open public spaces within the park building

Optical Valley Industrial Park interior spaces

Combination of creative spaces with scientific context