Tianjin Hubin Plaza French Lifestyle Center

Client:              Tianjin Shengang Real Estate Development co. ltd.

Location:          Tianjin Airport Economic Zone,Tianjin, China

Type:                Commercial & Lifestyle, Hospitality, Mixed-Use

Service:            Urban Planning, Urban Design

Status:              Design Completed

Site Area:        378,000m²

GFA:                723,900 m²

FAR:                1.3


Tianjin’s French lifestyle center offers a variety of programs and variety, which are distributed by considering the users and the business model and management upscale residential complex is situated on the north part of the site allowing for privacy and quality of environment. In order to create a buffer zone and optimize management, the SOHO make the transition and division between the commercial street and the residential. On the east part, the boutique department store, children and sport center are conveniently accessed by families living in the area as well as white collars, outlet’s users and pedestrians. To the west, the bar street, gaming and KTV center serves as a night life and entertainment venue for the district users as well as visitors and consumers from the city. Both main areas are connected by the arcade, for brand shopping, facilities, café, art galleries, etc. To the south, the urban and executive villas consist mainly of restaurants that take advantage of the vast green area, offering the users another dimension of quality.