Tata Compact + Apartments

Client:              Zhejiang Zeling Communication and Technology ltd.

Location:         Yangtze River Delta, Jiaxing, China

Type:                Adaptive Reuse, Modernization, Residential

Service:            Architectural Design, Consulting

Status:              Completed

Site Area:        9,900 m²

GFA:                26,100 m²

FAR:                2.5


Located in the South Lake District of Jiaxing City, near Shanghai, the TATA Compact+ Apartments provides small, affordable living area with a modern, contemporary design for young and ambitious single and couples. In Chinese, TATA stands for him and her as a young couple. 5 former office buildings were transformed into apartment buildings with a special user concept: the compact+ apartments. These apartments are small but efficient single apartments units with comfortable and flexible layout and a “+” on community areas. High living standard on a small budget provide an affordable apartment and independency for young people, and the first investment provides ideal conditions for future gains in value. This is guaranteed due to the sustainable design and high quality equipment. Two buildings host spacious community functions on the ground floor, both connected with open spaces for outdoor activities. This addition of user space does add more usable space to the apartments. TATA offers apartments sized from 28 to 80m2 per unit, customized as compact+ apartments for a lifestyle of health and sustainability.