Surpass Court

Client:              Shanghai Yicheng Investment Group co. ltd.

Location:         Yongjia Road, Xuhui District,Shanghai, China

Type:                Renovation, Office, Commercial

Service:            Master Plan, Architectural Design, Interior Design

Status:             Completed

Site Area:        3,700 m²

GFA:                7,500 m²

FAR:                1.98


The site is located in downtown Shanghai, covering 3,700 m². It’s an adaptive reuse of former research institutions of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology by turning them into a new urban lifestyle center. The arc-shaped corner of a frontage building is reserved as a symbol of Art Deco, however blocked by border trees along Yongjia Road. The design focuses on vertical as a way of breakthrough. The building No. 5 with an irregular facade becomes the landmark. Now, a commercial, art gallery, office and F&B destination, it is a good example of how through design, reutilizing a former industrial area not only can become a public space that brings people together, but can also have the ability to rejuvenate its surroundings generating a new lifestyle for the community.