Smart Paradise

Client:              Shanghai Premier Investment Group co. ltd.

Location:         #532 Ledu Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China

Type:                Mixed-use

Service:            Project Positioning, Master Plan, Architectural Design

Status:             Concept

Site Area:        81,800 m²

GFA:                94,000 m²

FAR:                1.14


Premier Smart Paradise is located in Songjiang district south of Shanghai. As the first industrial park renovation project, logon tried the best to preserve the special identity of the site and at the same time integrate some new smart elements into it. The design will transform this area into a new smart technology park while preserving the most aesthetic valued buildings. Songjiang has its own characteristic, we also try to make this project as a low density, more green space project. In future, this project will be a new destination place in Songjiang.

The area covers a site of 121 mu (81,834 m2). Total GFA is 94,550 m2, including office, boutique hotel, F&B, leisure commercial, apartment, and smart experience center. Different kinds of users are attracted by creative spaces usually found in old buildings, with mixed functions and large pedestrian areas. The reminder of the past with its industrial identity is the key for the attraction of the park as destination.