Shanghai University Glass Art PhD Station

Client:              Zibo Boshan ancient town culture tourism development Co., Ltd.

Location:         Xinbo Road, Zibo, Shandong, China

Type:                Education, Office and Exhibition

Service:            Architectural Design, Interior Design

Status:             Design Phase

Site Area:        11,827 m²

GFA:                7,383 m²

FAR:                0.61


The Shanghai University Glass Art PhD Workstation will be known as an international level centre of excellence, promoting and increasing the value of the glass artists. The site is located in Zibo, Shandong Province. Zibo has a long history of creative manufacturing, as the industrial architecture can still be found. It is these characteristics that form the main design elements for the architecture as well as an expression of the functional requirements.
The existing buildings will be refurbished with new facade finishes and windows according to functions, local building and glass techniques will be used for the whole complex.
The main focus is providing workshops, studios and supporting facilities for the artistic community from one side and exhibiting unique glass art pieces inside the gallery and museum on the other side, without having contradiction between public and private space. The artists could use one of the most innovative and modern glass workshops for creating their art and guests could experience the whole process of the mysterious glass art work.