Shanghai New Media Industry Park

Client:              Shanghai Chuangyue Investment Management co. ltd.

Location:          #1023 Luochan Middle Road, Shanghai, Zhabei District, China

Type:                Renovation, Office, Retail

Service:             Architectural Design,Facade Consulting

Status:             Design Completed

Site Area:        16,000 m²

GFA:                37,000 m²

FAR:                2.12


The site is located in Zhabei district in Shanghai, modernizing an array of buildings into a new, cohesive creative park. The tallest building in the area will turn into a landmark tower building with an integrated LED facade. The project idea derives from a cruise ship, which incorporates various functions and facilities under one roof. Lower floors are designated for commercial, retail, F&B purposes and attract pedestrians into the buildings, higher middle floors are designed for creative offices with flexible layouts, while the higher floors are featuring open space offices. The project renovation will introduce multiple new features for the new inhabitants, such as roof gardens and indoor tunnels between buildings to increase the wellbeing and the overall usability of the space.