Shanghai G+ Glass Park

Client:              Shanghai Glass co. ltd.

Location:         Changjiang west Road, Baoshan District,Shanghai, China

Type:                Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle , Adaptive Reuse

Service:            Project Positioning,Urban Planning, Architectural Design,Landscape Design, Consulting

Status:             Phase I, II Completed

Site Area:        29,600 m²

GFA:                49,600 m²

FAR:                1.50


Shanghai G+ Park (Phase 2) is part of Shanghai Glass Museum Project, located in Baoshan District, Shanghai. Since the successful launch of the museum, its popularity surpassed expectations, it increased the value of the property in the whole district and attracted new businesses and developments. The G+ Park in the northern edge of the museum site is the result of this socioeconomic prosperity of the area. The G+ Park consists of over thirty industrial buildings, partially still involved in glass industry. The G+ building is a part of a 3 building ensemble and rounds up the museum complex. Due to the affiliation with the museum. G+ Park enjoys a steady flow of pedestrian visitors, accessing the site through the museum plaza, while also accommodates underground parking lot, giving the museum and park visitors enough space for leisure and relaxation.