Shanghai Expo Village Business Center

The project, which is set next to the former Expo site and nearby the financial district of Lujiazui, takes full advantage of the location and upgrades the surrounding neighborhood by creating a public entrance plaza to the Expo administration area. Two modern office buildings with unobstructed views to Huangpu River, Luwan District, and Lujiazui frame the plaza.

Client : Shanghai Expo Land Holding co.

Location : Shanghai, China

Address : Pudong south Road, Pudong District

Type : Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Mixed-Use

Function :High-End Office, Commercial Facilities

Service : Architectural Design, Interior Design

Status : Design Completed

Site Area : 13,250 m2

GFA total : 79,350 m2

FAR : 3.5

The architectural style is classic modern, simple, elegant and designed with great attention to detail.

The atrium is a representative space, welcoming visitors and employees alike.

The generous public spaces, the roof gardens, and the high ceilings contribute to the project’s overall goal to create outstanding working places that increase the quality of everyday life in the city.