The New Boeung Kak Lake City

Client:              Shukaku Inc..

Location:         Boeung Kak Lake Area,Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Type:                Urban Complex

Service:            Urban Planning

Status:             Design Completed

Site Area:        1,116,000 m²

GFA:                1,565,000 m²

FAR:                1.4


It is our vision to make Phnom Penh the most livable city in south-east Asia. The New Boeung Kak Lake City is the key milestone in this urban upgrading process.

After an initial process of analyze and research, we decided against the usual and most obvious design process: designing the New Boeung Kak Lake City from the point of a single project like a satellite city. Instead, we choose to accept the city and its challenges, and to develop the project from the outside towards the inside. The resulting master plan provides spaces and areas that integrate perfectly into the urban context, providing flexible development opportunities for each plot, and will soon become a new urban landmark in the city