Motel 168

Client:             Home Inns & Hotels
Management Inc.

Location:         Dalian, Liaoning Province,China

Type:                Hospitality

Service:            Project Positioning,Interior Design

Status:              Completed

Design Area:   3,800 m²

Motel 168 is familiar to everyone as a budget hotel chain with numerous branches across China and just 100+ in Shanghai alone. Since part of Home Inn brand,Motel 168 is a great addition to Home Inn portfolio of affordable accommodation.

logon mission was to reinvent the identity of a motel, to move from the perception of a motel being “cheap” or “poor” to a rather modern idea of “laid back” and“young” with a touch of “fun”. Our goal is to create a familiar atmosphere in any of the hotel branches, create a unique ‘Motel 168 experience’ and in the same time streamline the design, the decor, and make maintenance and installation more cost efficient.

New, modernized design not only sets Motel 168 apart from other brands within the Home Inn group, but also attracts new and young demographics to experience new and cool lifestyle of what new brand envisions.