Lijiang Shuhe Tea Road House

Client:              Lijiang Dingye Development Real Estate co. ltd.

Location:         Lijiang, China

Type:                Culture & Education, Residential

Service:            Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status:              Concept

Site Area:        8.6 ha, 129 mu

GFA:                29,000 m²

FAR:                2.96


A stone’s throw from the city of Lijiang, northwest Yunnan province, the ShuHe town makes for an ideal living area or home-away-from-home for city-dwellers. Desiring to conserve the best of local Naxi culture and tradition, logon researched the ShuHe site’s surroundings to create a comfortable residence of 99 two-store villas.

For added comfort, logon very intentionally combined traditionally dense Naxi living quarters with open landscape features. Waterways were added to existing ones (thanks to the Qing Long Creek) to maintain Naxi tradition of all housing being able to access fresh water at all times. The team selected contemporary construction materials, adding a new angle to Naxi style and to meet requirements of modern living. The result is a well thought-through refuge from congested city life, combining local culture with modern elements like the Lakeside Club for added luxury.