Kunshan Science & Technology Park Office Building

Client:              Tsinghua Science Park

Location:          Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Type:                Office & Works pace, Culture & Education

Service:            Architectural Design

Status:              Completed

Site Area:        12,200 m²

GFA:                13,500 m²

FAR:                1.00


The new building for the Kunshan Science & Technology Office Park is the flagship building for the whole science park. Being the first to be developed on the site, it set a high standard to reflect a modern and industrial approach to design. Since the building is visible from the public roads, represents the whole park, and greets everybody entering the site from the main entrance, the design language had to be highly representative, strict, and follow modern design standards.

The new building is a total of six floors above ground and one floor underground. Throughout, the architecture is simple and clear, abandoning any unnecessary, playful, or decorative elements. The curtain wall system features a collage of three types of stones in varying shades of gray, transparent/textured glass panels and operable glass windows, delivering a remarkably uniform visual effect. Due to the permeability of stones and varied reflective finishes of the glass panels, the facades take on a diversity of appearances in different weather conditions.The bright, spacious atrium in contrast with the heavy monolithic building wings provokes a significant and remarkable first impression. By utilizing standard construction methods and locally available materials, the construction costs did not exceed the average for this building type and achieved a high-grade of energy efficiency. This project was one of the first projects in China to be certified and issued an LEC Low Energy Certificate.