Jining Science and Technology Museum

Client:             Jining Planning Bureau Development Area Branch

Location:         Jining National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Jining, China

Type:                Culture & Education

Service:            Architectural Design

Status:              Completed

Site Area:        100,000 m²

GFA:                75,000 m²

FAR:                0.75


Jining Science and Technology Museum covers four buildings consisting of a Science and Technology Museum, Cinema, Library and Business center. Each function is located in a system of four different buildings all visually connected in a round formation allowing each structure to blend together seamlessly creating a new landmark for the area. The project is located in a new master plan area for Jining and borders a man-made lake.
Key design goals were to create spaces that maximize the usability for users’ whist taking advantage of the scenic views of the surrounding river. This is achieved for example by each building having a shared underground first floor to allow easy access to each of the buildings along with the transparent facades that allows uninterrupted panoramic views of the lake from each building level.