Jining Economic & Technological Development Zone – Living Room Project

Located in Jining, Shandong Province, the project covers a total base area of 110,100 square meter, focusing on urban design within the office park and the design of the single building for the headquarters. The whole park comprises five villa complexes and two independent supporting facility buildings.

Client : Jining Economic Development Zone AC

Location : Jining, China

Type : Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Culture & Education,

Function : Culture, Exhibition, Sports, Banking office and Supporting Commercial Facilities

Service : Architectural Design

Status : In Progress

Site Area : 36,600 m2

GFA total : 27,000 m2

FAR : 0.74

New commercial facilities stand at the main entrance in the east and the square in the north. The master plan layout is divided into 5 clusters. Each of them is made of 22 meter deep “己” shaped buildings. Their footprint stretch from east to west, and fully occupy the width of the site.

This permits to keep then a comfortable distance of 20 meter from north to south between the buildings. All office spaces thus benefit of quality daylight and ventilation. From iconic and enclosing facades to colorful and human-scale architecture, the project echoes the urban surrounding as well it answers the users’ need.