Jining Economic & Technological Development Zone – Living Room Project

Client:              Jining Economic Development Zone AC

Location:         Jining, Shangdong, China

Type:                Office & Workspace, Commercial,Culture & Education, Sport Facilities

Service:            Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status:              Under Construction

Site Area:        36,600 m²

GFA:                27,000 m²

FAR:                0.74


The ‘Living Room Project’ consists of five buildings, all connected with an elevated platform. It combines office and residential spaces; indoor and outdoor sports facilities; cafes and restaurants; a cultural center and an exhibition hall, all within a vast public space adjacent to a landscaped park. The ‘Living Room Project’ is a central landmark that is shaping the new economic development zone. The unique design feature of this project is the multi-functional pedestrian platform. By directing the car traffic underneath the platform, the design gives every building a covered drop-off entrance and covered parking, which saves costs on an underground garage, and connects various functions of the project. The main public entrance is shaped by the office and apartment buildings along a secondary road, making it easy for the traffic to circulate and providing a large open space for both tenants and office workers.