Jingdezhen Art Communication Park

Client:              Jiangxi ZhongJing Group Corpration Ltd.

Location:         Jingdezhen, China

Type:                Commerical & Lifestyle, Culture & Education, Adaptive Reuse

Service:            Urban Design, Landscape Design

Status:             Design Completed

Site Area:        87,400 m²

GFA:                69,200 m²

FAR:                0.8


The site is located in the central part of ceramic culture of Jingdezhen, west to the Jingdezhen Ceramic Academy, south to the ceramic street, and north to Sanbao Village, making a strong artistic atmosphere surrounding the site. Within the site are 40 buildings built in different times. The big space and high floor height is flexible for the function arrangement. The landscape design of south plaza is continuing the language of the main spine, integrate with the green lands and respond to the architecture design of the art center. The big space is divided into different sized functional area. The park also provides apartments for artists, residential on the second and third floors, and showrooms on the first floor. This community is the pool through which Art C+ will be defined. Entering Art C+ means more than renting a space, rather it is to enter a network. A business platform linking artists and their artworks to a wider market audience is designed. The Information Center collects systematically market information and sharing resources. Distinct from other parks in Jingdezhen, it will not only provide leisure, retail, cultural functions to visitors, but living and working spaces in a post-industrial atmosphere for the creative class.