Client:              Nanjing Chuangqi Properties ltd.

Location:         Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Type:                Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Mixed-Use, Office Parks

Service:            Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status:              Completed

Site Area:        69,500 m²

GFA:                340,500 m²

FAR:                3.50


The Nanjing TUSPARK CBD covers 69,500m2 in Nanjing, China and represents a successful mix of business and leisure functions in a green setting at the lake. The site is organized into 3 zones. Each zone provides a different type of office, with other facilities, and comes up with individual characteristics. The architecture of each zone reflects the characteristics of the position on the site. Zone A: The Landmark Office Tower is located in the northwest of the site, facing Nanjing City. They give the site a clear and modern image. The landmark office towers offer grade A offices with a view on the city as well as a view of the lake. Zone B: The Economy Office Towers are located in the west of the site. They offer flexible office space for different kind of usages to an affordable rent. They have a view on the Central Park and the lake. Zone C: The Lakeside offices are “Villa” offices, located inside the lakeside park, offering a green surrounding and a 360o view. A green roof rounds these buildings up, the perfect office space for companies who want to offer their employees the best environment.
The Nanjing TUSPARK CBD offers a variety of spaces and functions. 3 different office areas with a total area of 243,103m² provide spaces for different kinds of office users. A large variety of public functions make TUSPARK more than just an office park: A community place is provided, with attractive outdoor areas and facilities, entertainment and commercial functions and even service apartments invite users to spend their time here. A mix of urban and natural settings create a new PLACE, a unique and attractive environment for work and life.