Home Inns Plus

Client:              Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.

Location:         212 Dong Si Bei Da Jie Road,Beijing, China 

Type:                Hospitality, Adaptive Reuse

Service:            Architectural Design, Interior Design

Status:              Built

Design Area :   2,800 m²

How to re-imagine the space of chain hotels to attract the young generation? The site is located in central Beijing, and its renovation began with the cluttered and incoherent facade. Windows are used as the basic visual elements which consists of an identical geometric facade, providing the building with much needed light and significantly reduces noise. The reception area is located by an underground courtyard, with further green spaces allocated to each room for privacy and safety. The roof garden additionally offers a special perspective to get a view of this capital city. The sunken lobby efficiently provides public functions. Guests can find elegant leisure space above the wooden stairs. With movable tables and curtains, space can be flexible changed for business uses and mini bars.