­Home Inn ++

Located on Dongsi Street nearby in the old town of Beijing, the building of the new Home Inn Plus Hotel used to be an old shop. The new design transforms the simple building into a landmark. The facade of the hotel is made up by many frames of different sizes, which attract the looks of passers-by.

The design had to address two major challenges of the old building: it’s very close to the street and there is little natural light inside. Changing the building into a hotel posed the challenge of placing as many as possible in quiet and well light locations.

Client : Homeinns Hotel Group

Location : Downtown Beijing, China

Design Area : 3,500 m2/ 3 floors

Opening Date : April 2016

Average room size : 18-25 m2

Number of rooms : 57

Average price : $80 / night


The design creates a pleasant interior space for the hotel and works in a smart way the limited natural light. A huge wall stands in the atrium, where green plants grow naturally. On the opposite wall opens an elegant window, so the guest room in the center of the building can also share the sunshine in the daytime.


Different from ordinary hotels, the lobby is located in the basement. So the first floors can be used for guest room. The bright open atrium is the first impression for the arriving guests of the hotel, and a surprising lobby is waiting for them next. Sunshine passes thought the atrium into the lobby, where nature is represented by a wooden floor, a cobblestone path and big green plants. The space evokes the feeling of an elegant courtyard, instead of an underground space.

Interplay of sunlight and shadow in the interior

All guest rooms have an interior terrace, designed to give a calm and tranquil experience. This relaxed yet interesting and functional space filters the noise from the street effectively. It also offers a sense of security and privacy. Last, they can use the terrace to work, have coffee, or meet friends.

Guest room is lightened with warm interior deco touch

Daylight in every corner of the space

Every room enjoys its own private garden

Plan of guestroom

Roof garden

A roof garden on the top completes the building. This additional public space is a warm and relaxed place for guests. Here they can enjoy the iconic skyline of old Beijing.


The new found balance of nature and courtyard turns weakness of the former shop building into an advantage, using the space is an interesting and new way, being prepared for many guests to come.