Home Inn 3.0

Client:              BTH Hotel Group

Location:         Jinxiu Road and Pujian Road,Shanghai, China

Type:                Hospitality Design

Service:            Rebranding, Interior Renovation

Status:             Construction Completed

Site Area:        280 m²

Fifteen years later, Home Inns third generation is born. With this new born generation of hotels the goal was to reinterpret the classic brand.

​The concept was built on the annual rings that grow in the inside of the trunk of a tree. There are three rings, each ring represents the core value of the anchored brand. Three main elements, Inheritance badge as spiritual symbol, big button decorations which are natural lines on linen cloth, both natural and warm.

​Rounded shape design that enhances the visual experience makes a small space, rich and beautiful. Annual rings pattern is also a main element of design to represent the continuous cycle and evolution of the brand. The use of low saturation neutral color, give a warm and elegant visual experience. In a gentle and quiet canvas with a sense of design texture is the wood texture and highlight the taste of the fabric graphics supplemented by a touch of fresh light blue.