Gusu CBD Software Park

Client:              Suzhou SuHong Investment Development co. ltd.

Location:         Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Type:                Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Mixed-Use

Service:            Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status:              Under Construction

Site Area:        100,152 m²

GFA:                 481,500 m²

FAR:                 3.00


Located in the heart of New Gusu CBD, the Gusu Software Park is, at the very start, positioned as an integral part of urban spaces rather than an industrial park. The project is part of logon’s innovative attempt to transform an enclosed industrial site into one open to the surroundings prior to the domestic trends. The development boasts main functions such as office, hotel and R&D center, as well as an exhibition center, public spaces and high-end residences. The 101,425-square-meter master plan is comprised of three parts: the riverfront landscapes, the urban area facing the expressway, and the central high street that blends both features. The vehicle traffic is funneled into the underground space at the entrance of the park. The above ground space is designed specifically for pedestrians, with the central footpath and commercial leisure space fitting the entire park into the urban environment.