Gusu CBD Software Park

The development of the first phase of Gusu Software Park constitutes the kick off  to the redevelopment of Gusu district, a predominantly industrial area five kilometers northwest of Suzhou’s city center, into the New Gusu CBD. The kick-off has direct access to a new subway line and combines office spaces with facilities, an incubator for software industries, serviced apartments, and a shopping mall as a neighborhood destination. The functional layout follows a new urban concept by providing a working environment with a high quality of life to attract future industries.

The design accomplishes a new image and identity not only for Gusu Software Park but for the future development of the New Gusu CBD. The architectural design introduces irregular shapes, dynamic height variations and playful colored schemes, to emphasize the spirit of future industries.  Car traffic is kept outside the site and managed in the underground, the heart of the project is a pedestrian axis, a sequence of plazas and green spaces in combination with retail, restaurants, leisure and culture spaces.

Client : Suzhou Su Hong Investment Development co. ltd.

Location : Suzhou, China

Address :  Jinchang new town, Suzhou

Type : Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Mixed-Use, Office Parks

Function : Office, Retail (Mall), Hotel, Serviced Apartments, Exhibition

Service : Project Positioning, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status : Under Construction

Site Area : 10 Ha, 152 Mu

GFA : 481,500 m²

FAR : 3.0

Height : 100 m

Green central plaza is acceptable for public

River promenade in a car free environment

The software park is destination for work and living

Evening and night time facade illumination


Commercial spaces connect multiple buildings

Commercial spaces connect multiple buildings

HQ offices with uniques design language