German Villas “The World”

Client:              Tianjin Shining Star Investment Co. Ltd

Location:         Tianjiahu Lake Area,Tianjin, China

Type:                Residential

Service:            Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design

Status:              Design Completed

Planing Area:   2,733,300 m²

“The World” is emerging in the south-east of Tianjin, the 4th largest city in China,to create a replica of the globe scaled down to the size of 7.3 km2. logon delivered the architectural design and landscape design for a series of prestigious, tailor-made luxury villas on the lake’s front as well as a business and recreation clubhouse on a private island. The villas feature German design and technology to provide the best possible living comfort and health lifestyle. The villas set a landmark for energy-efficient single family housing in China.

The logon creative team made full use of the site advantages, where all rooms can provide a private view on the lake and daylight. As a part of the landscape, the underground space is connected to the exterior by sloping gardens which lets light and greenery in and which gives a path to walk out directly to the lake. The expectations of Chinese families are all met, like south-facing living and master bedrooms, but they are optimized to fit the location and context.