Zhengzhou “Factory 1953” Culture Creative Park

Client:              Henan Guochuang ltd

Location:         Huashan Road, Zhengzhou, China

Type:                 Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Culture & Education, Adaptive Reuse, Mixed-Use

Service:            Project Positioning, Urban Design

Status:              Design Completed

Site Area:        558,850 m²

GFA:                1,086,800 m²

FAR:                1.59


“Factory 1953” Cultural Creative Park is located in Zhengzhou, in the west side of the city on the plot formerly occupied by Zhengzhou No. 2 Grinding Factory. This was the second largest grinding factory in China, which was supported to be built by East Germany during the first “5-year plan” period, in the 1950s. The area covers a site of 558,850 sqm, with many industrial heritages. Especially, No. 27 plant with precast reinforced concrete construction and single curved roof is preserved with quality. It will be the largest cultural center in China after redevelopment. The functional layout of the overall Creative Park is composed by two main zones: a culture, leisure and retail zone and a new development zone mostly for new residential apartments, related facilities, and a creative business zone. The Central Green Avenue creates a green buffer with distinctive F&B and leisure functions set in a lush green setting. By preserving its industrial identity, the new Creative Park will be one of the most attractive and inspiring location for creative activities and creative class in industries like design, fashion, media and art. “Factory 1953” will be the new cultural and lifestyle center in Zhengzhou, which will be integrated to the upgrading process for the west city region.