F659 Boutique Offices

Client:              Yue Guang Investment Management (Shanghai) co., ltd

Location:         #659 Fengyang Road,Shanghai, China

Type:                Renovation, Office, Retail

Service:            Project Positioning, Architectural Design, Consulting

Status:             Completed

Site Area:        1,300 m²

GFA:                9,500 m²

FAR:                6.6


An outdated 1990s building located at 659 Fengyang Road, no longer met the requirements of contemporary working structures and behaviors. The renovated F659 outstands with a new distinctive facade, and its interiors are aesthetically unified. The building contains two levels of showrooms as well as two levels for standard offices and another two levels for executive offices. As the freelancer population and small ventures groups year by year in Shanghai this renovation was obliged to adjust the offices to satisfy the user’s needs. The roof garden is available for a events or just for a quiet space to relax and unwind. The unified interior working and leisure space allows interaction between people from different backgrounds and creates a richer working atmosphere.