F659 Boutique Offices

Built in the 1990s, the 10-storey building no longer meets the requirements of a modern office building. Based on the concept of “the brand is the sum of everything you do”, logon’s re-design of the façade and its public spaces has transformed the building into a unique office with a boutique feel, by providing services ranging from commercial positioning to architectural design, interior design, lighting design, landscape design and visual design.

Client : Yue Guang Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Location : Shanghai, China

Address : #659 Fengyang Road

Type : Office & Workspace, Commercial & Lifestyle, Modernization

Function : Office, Retail

Service : Project Positioning, Architectural Design, Consulting

Status : Built

Site Area : 1,3000 m2

GFA : 9,500 m2

FAR : 6.6

Height : 33 m

The site is located on 659 Fengyang Road in Shanghai’s Jing’An district, close to Shanghai Media Group and Metro lines 2/12/13.  The street is convenient for offices and showrooms and other businesses that do not depend on passersby. F659’s unique style should have a strong identity to make it more competitive among the many other modern office buildings in the area. Neighboring the newly built Dazhongli Commercial Palace, in combination with the increasing number of 4A/5A grade office nearby, the building could easily run the risk of losing competitiveness with the wrong project positioning.

The “European style” façade design of F659 is outdated; there is no space for parking and some ceiling heights measure only two meters. Surrounded by trees and other buildings, the four façades are only partially visible, and in turn lighting conditions and obstructed views put a limit the building’s qualities. After the transformation, the building will not only improve function, but it will add an understated elegance to the neighborhood. 

The receptionist is located at the reception desk by the entrance to the serviced offices on the 3rd floor. The receptionist is there to assist the tenants of the serviced office areas, fulfilling the role of a secretary and assistant. Friendly and helpful, the receptionist represents F659 to the public.