Ascendas Innovation Place

Client:              Shanghai Baogang Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Location:         No.686, Jiujiang Road, Shanghai

Type:                Renovation

Service:            Facade Renovation

Status:             Design Completed

Site Area:        31,750 m²

GFA:                95,523 m²

FAR:                2.32


Located within the historical area the building is in between two ages on one side tall buildings and modern facades and on the other side low buildings that have not been renovated from their original form. This building tries to amend with the best of both sides and fulfill its function. 1. SIMPLICITY CLASSY, by reducing shape and minimal resources to create timeless qualities of classical modernism.2. NATURE SERENE, provide a corner offering natural green plants and feel comfortable staying this office building during the working time. 3. LAYER RHYTHM, Signage design is inspired by the element of the neighbor historic building, the proportion of columns and facade material.