Changchun 1948

The site is located in the “two avenues” zone, halfway between the airport and downtown of Changchun along the Dong Shen Avenue. It was built in 1948, the former Changchun Diesel Engine Plant.

Client : Changchun Vanke co. ltd.

Location : Changchun, China

Address : Jilin Province

Type : Mixed-Use

Function : Offices,Commercial, Residential, Apartment

Service : Architectural Design

Status : Completed

Site Area : 57,600 m2

GFA total :92,500 m2

FAR : 1.49

The site is situated in a newly developed area with the size of 57,600m2. The surrounding environment is residential buildings mixed with industrial sites.

The renovation aims at developing a high-end commercial zone with offices, F&B, leisure and service space for the nearby residents.

The design offers a variety of functions, which maximizes street exposure and images. The entrance plaza allows for a complete view of the architecture styles which contains different activities in “Changchun 1948”.