logon + Ken Schluchtmann

29th, Dec ,2015 / By Logon

Architectural photography is not only about showcasing architecture, it goes beyond the facades and tells about the context of space – it tells the story, creates atmosphere and requires great talent, such as Ken Schluchtmann, multiple winner of ARCHAID “Architectural Photographer of the Year”. Since several years we cherish a cross-disciplinary collaboration with him and are proud to say, that he changed the way we see our work and constantly challenges public’s perception of architecture. Learning from one another keeps us motivated and inspired to create visually stunning spaces and see architectural design from another perspective, we hope that together we can bring architecture and its visualization to invariably higher standards.

The most recent collaboration between us included architectural photography of multiple projects we realized recently, including Jining Stadium and Science & Technology Complex. The Jining Science & Technology Center is the central building of the new high-tech development area in Shandong province, reflecting a modern and sustainable approach to design at logon-architecture. The vision of the Science Center was to create a project that represents the spirit of the high-tech industry by combining education, science, business and entertainment. This project is a great example of knowledge-based design philosophy of logon; it has successfully received Iconic Architecture Award 2014 and is now nominated for the German Design Award 2016 – one of the best-known design awards in the world.

Ken beautifully captured the vision of the project in its complexity and detail, highlighting the Jining Science and Technology Museum as one of logon most successful projects.

logon interior: Homeinn Plus Design Concept

logon Interior: Homeinn NEO 3.0

logon design selected for Fulei Library

logon’s design has been selected for the Fulei Library, located in Shanghai Pudong Zhoupu area.