logon interior: Homeinn Plus Design Concept

26th, April, 2018 / By Logon

Jazz music isn’t the first thing one might think of when contemplating the current Shanghai design scene, but the Homeinn Plus just might change that.

Last time we introduced Homeinn NEO, one of the four series of brands by Homeinn Hotel, in total seven hotels designed by logon. We proudly introduce Homeinn plus concept design. Homeinn Plus Hotel was founded in 2002 by one of China’s largest tourism group, Beijing Tourism Group, and China–Ctrip.com. With professional service, convenient location and economical price. Home Inns Plus Hotel will redefine the 21st-century Chinese tourism.

The Homeinn Plus experience is an exclusive Homeinn hotel series destined for the business traveler and at a three-star hotel with the comfort and quality of a four-star hospitality service. This series aims to offer more spacious accommodations that include well-appointed rooms and decorated lobbies. The first edition of this concept was Homeinn Plus located in No. 603 E Shan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, followed by the Beijing Homeinn Plus Boutique located at Dongsi NorthStreet, Beijing, China. logon effectively created a polished and sophisticated space inspired by jazz music, packed with traditions, cultures, and energy. Jazz is a lifestyle at HomeinnPlus.

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logon interior: Homeinn Plus Design Concept

logon Interior: Homeinn NEO 3.0