logon at 2015 GBE Congress

26th, Dec,2015  / By Logon

In celebration of logon 10+ anniversary event series, Urban Regeneration will be is one of the key topics to focus on. On 16th September, Mr. Pascal Hartmann, CSO & Sociologist of logon, was invited to make a keynote speech for the China Urban Complex Design & Technology Congress, organized by Global Business Engine (GBE). He talked about that urban regeneration means to work within an existing urban context and such projects will only succeed if they are built on a profound understanding of location and context, changing urban lifestyles and people’s needs. Meanwhile, Pascal also shares the successful the project cases of 800 Show, Tata Compact + Apartments and Surpass Court projects, etc.

You paint a house, we design your dream

After more than a decade of development, logon starts giving back to the society. Years of experience in the construction industry lead logon not only to focus on designing but also to pay attention to the people and stories behind. That’show we gradually discover this special group: the children with hearing loss.

The comfortable and healthy SMART HOME by logon

Feel cold, sick and uncomfortable in Shanghai? Here is the solution! The comfortable and healthy SMARTHOME by logon.

2017 logon Yearly Review

This year has been packed with construction, designing, awards, lectures, and research. All these great projects have allowed us to see logon growing stronger and better…