logon team designs the ‘Living Room Project’ for Jining city

4th, Aug, 2016 / By Logon

logon team designs the ‘Living Room Project’ for Jining city.

Logon team wins competition to design a major project in a new Economic Developing Zone in Jining, Shandong province, China. The ‘Living Room Project’ covers an area of 36,667 m2  and consists of five buildings, connected with a united elevated platform. It combines office and residential spaces, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, cafes & restaurants, culture center and an exhibition hall, –  all that within a vast public space and green areas, adjacent to the landscape park. The logon design for the project is a new central landmark to shape the new economic development zone.

The unique design feature of the project is the pedestrian platform with its multiple functions: While directing the car traffic underneath the platform, giving every building a covered drop-off entrance and covered parking, saving costs of an underground garage, it connects various functions of the project. Shaping the building ensemble, it allows people to easily commute between buildings in a safe, public space. The buildings with the platform are seen as a united pentagon shaped ‘Living Room Project’.

As the project is located facing a crossroads to the Northwest and merges with a landscape park to the Southeast, each building is strategically positioned on the site. Culture Center and the Exhibition Hall are turned towards the main road, creating a visual landmark with its unique facade design and sculpture garden, which creates a convenient reception for cultural events and happenings.

Main public entrance is shaped by the Office and Apartment Buildings along a secondary road, making it easy for the traffic to circulate, providing a large open space for both tenants and office workers. The Sport Center is conveniently positioned next to the Apartment Complex, both facing the sunny south side, with a view of the landscape park and access to outdoor sport facilities.

Restaurants and Cafes are conveniently located in the middle of the platform, making the platform a place to meet and gather. The platform and its wide staircases are organically connected to the adjacent public recreational areas, such as furniture gardens and green parks for leisure and relaxation.

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017.

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