How design turns 55m2 for 4 generations?

22th, Jun,2017 / By Logon

To create great design it is key to emphasize on the needs of the users and also in the importance of space and aesthetics. The challenge was to create an efficient space of a 55 m2 for a family of five. The family comes from four different generational backgrounds, which denoted different habits, hobbies and lifestyles.

So, how can 55 m2 become a place where four generation can live together?

The family is composed by a newborn , Grandma, Mother, Son, Daughter in law and a new born, all of them with different needs and lifestyles.  Each of them have a special schedules  which are not always in sync with the other family members. The design had to be suitable for each of the user’s needs,  to be able to create harmony inside the space.

The design was created by Wang Fang, CEO of logon Urban Architecture. The final result successfully met the requirements of the family giving each person a space for their privacy as well a common space where they share activities  and time together.

Fang Wang, Founding Partner & CEO

Ms. Wang Fang co-founded logon with Frank Krüger. In her position of CEO, Wang Fang is primarily responsible for the firm’s management and leadership. She graduated with a joint M.A. degree in Architectural Design from Tongji University of Shanghai and the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Later she completed an MBA at Purdue University, in the US. Wang Fang plays an active role in industry conferences and forums across China and overseas. She is involved in a number of projects working with top local and international developers. With her own passion for artistic design, she also founded logARTon, namely curating several special art exhibitions for logon.

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logon interior: Homeinn Plus Design Concept

logon Interior: Homeinn NEO 3.0