CBC Old Steel Urban Regeneration Forum

25th, Apr,2016  / By Logon

The rebirth of industrial heritage was the theme of the CBC Old Steel Urban Regeneration Forum, which took place in Xi’An’s Steel Design and Creative Industry Park on April 22nd-24th.

Event moderator Ms Wang Fang, founder, associate architect and CEO of logon, opened the forum by sharing her experiences and understanding on a series of successful projects under the rebirth of industrial heritage banner. Examples of projects on the topic included the Ruhr restructuring and development, London urban renewal, a San Francisco waterfront renovation project, Shenzhen Shekou Biennale Exhibition Center, the 800 Show and the Beijing 751 park etc. She addressed the multiple benefits and advantages of urban regeneration in the areas of culture, economy and community; the mechanisms of collaborative innovation, and discussed the preservation and re-usage of industrial heritage resources.

Case study: 800 Show – the story of place making.

Ms Wang Fang began with a short video about the 800 Show. Place is a place, with a temperament of its own. Throughout the design process space thinking needs to be transformed; it needs to become the place of space thinking. Discussing the functional transformation, target demographics and 800 Show’s intended purpose, Ms Wang Fang integrated ideas on detailed designs, manufacturing strategy and other research into a showcase of urban regeneration and its implementation.

The redevelopment of 800 Show project considers not only the comfort of architectural space but also the fluid aspects of the creativity of a space, the flow of its surrounding traffic, its resources and the combined energy it creates – a synergy that not only evokes a dream of utopia but also addresses and solves practical problems and promotes economic development.

Incremental Value of Mix-use under the Stock Era

China’s urbanization is expanding at a jaw-dropping speed, from urban sprawl in the early days to the reverse trend toward regenerating the built urban areas in the era of housing stocks.

Return to the essence of Light

What kind of nocturnal vision should be dedicated to a city? What kind of scheme should be applied in urban and rural lighting master planning?

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017.