logon shortlisted for WAF 2017

This year logon’s design, Shanghai Yangpu Power Plant, was shortlisted in the category of Commercial Mixed-Use for the World Architecture Festival (WAF)…

Singles: A Rising Force

The famous Chinese writer Zhongshu Qian once compared marriage to a “besieged fortress, where those outside wants to get in, and those inside want to get out”. But this might not be true anymore…

About Urban Regeneration in China

Urban regeneration is currently a widely discussed topic, amongst various agents in the fields of government policies, city planning, city management and city development, business development, architecture design and new technologies…

logon wins German Design Award 2018

Official news from the German Design Council, logon’s project “Innospring and Datayes Interior Design” has been selected as a “Winner” in the category “Interior Architecture” of the German Design Award 2018.

logon won the 2017 Trends Designer Award

At the 2017 Trends Designer Award Ceremony held in Shanghai, Frank Krueger, logon co-founder/creative director, and Wang Fang, logon co-founder/CEO, were jointly awarded the 2017 Trends Designer Award in the Innovative Design category for their great contribution to urban regeneration. They were celebrated by the Award Organizing Committee for their leading role in revitalizing the city and creating quality spaces for the public, as shown by a wide range of projects on different scales spanning the areas of urban planning and renewal, architecture, and interior design, like the Shanghai Museum of Glass and 800Show.

Gusu CBD Software Park

BREAKING GROUND, the stories from logon construction sites, is the featured column to share the updates on logon’s recent projects under construction.

Incremental Value of Mix-use under the Stock Era

China’s urbanization is expanding at a jaw-dropping speed, from urban sprawl in the early days to the reverse trend toward regenerating the built urban areas in the era of housing stocks.

Return to the essence of Light

What kind of nocturnal vision should be dedicated to a city? What kind of scheme should be applied in urban and rural lighting master planning?

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017

logon Architecture won “Best Contemporary Architecture Firm – Shanghai” of BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2017.

Light Inspirations: Nature to City

Nature is using a vast variety of lighting ideas to guide life on this planet. If only we care to observe and learn, we will find simple, yet effective and innovative solutions to enhance the use of public spaces in our cities as well as our places of working and living.