By the positioning work of logon lab, logon projects are commercially successful and create a high quality of life. logon continuously win prizes and are nominated for awards at national and international competitions, forums and exhibitions. Consecutively logon is ranked in the top 20 of international design firms in China.

Wang Fang graduated with a joint M.A. degree in Architecture Design from Tongji  University of Shanghai in 2004 and the Teschnische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Following her studies, Wang Fang served as technical consultant for the German governmental body Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ). It was there that she researched critical social issues for both German and Chinese governments, including “sustainable urban conservation” for which Yangzhou, pilot city of the research, received the prize for human habitat from UN-Habitat.

Wang Fang’s empirical understanding of both European and Chinese culture, as well various fields such as urban development, architecture design and economic development led her to become co-founder and managing partner of logon in Shanghai. Logon’s expertise and unique approach has granted her many international architecture and design awards and nominations.

Originally from Germany, Frank Krueger is logon’s Managing Partner and Creative Director. Frank is an architect and urban planner by training, who co-founded logon in Berlin in 2001 together with Chinese business partner Ms. Wang Fang. Frank’s partnership with the University of Technology Berlin ignited his passion to transfer his knowledge of German technology skills to China. Soon thereafter, they began directing several China-based projects from Germany.

Frank and Wang Fang eventually decided to create logon Shanghai in 2005. Today, Frank currently directs logon projects from Shanghai as Creative Director. He has worked on projects across various sectors throughout China.

Pascal Hartmann is a sociologist and urban theorist who works with logon architecture in Shanghai. He is logon’s chief strategist and head of the logon lab, logon’s in-house research & development department conducting independent research projects.

Pascal has worked on a number of award winning adaptive reuse and urban renewal projects, among them the 800 Show Creative the Shanghai Museum of Glass in Shanghai. Pascal has lived in Shanghai for eight years.