To create better spaces for people logon follows a unique approach that guides our international team through the whole design process, from project analysis to construction site service. Every project is different and requires an individual response. Our approach insures that we fully understand the potential of your project and deliver outstanding design solutions, every time. The logon approach takes in the experience and expertise from more than ten years of practice.

Our work starts with an Analysis phase, when we consider all the elements of the project, such as site, georgaphic and social context. Using our team of researchers we develop a unique strategy to every project, setting up a ‚road map‘ for design.

During the Concept phase, all previously generated insights are being processed into feasible project directions. Multiple proposals are being created, reviewed and discussed to find the best possible solution for the site, the project and the client.

Keeping in mind all the constraints and unique project considerations from previous stages, Elaboration phase is when design is taking its shape. Designers and architects work together, the goal is make a concept into a feasible solution.

At the Production phase all project materials are being finalized to ensure the project completion after the design stage has been finished.