2050 Urban Regeneration Conference

1th, Jan,2016  / By Logon

Organized by logon, CBC (China Building Center), 2050 city renaissance alliance, themed of Stock Era and Incremental Value, 2050 urban regeneration conference will be held in Shanghai Glass Museum on December 18, 2015, deliver a creative speech, and exchange ideas with well-known scholars, discussing with expert and authoritative intellectuals of the whole industry chain.

The conference is focused on old city space and building regeneration and creation of incremental value of stock resource. Each city will be left with city spaces and buildings of special historical imprint. Whether they are industrial buildings waiting for updating or “old civil buildings” whose infrastructures are in urgent need of improvement, they are important material basis for “reading city”. Under the time span from modern time to the contemporary time, these buildings may have their own achievements in the aspects of architectural art, or perhaps they are symbols of every time. Under the background of global industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, how to assess the value of old buildings, making them become city stock resources and be protected and utilized, and integrating into city updating and further development of connected regions, so as to provide a platform for scientific research, technology and culture and create new value has become very important.

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